Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanks ACLU for the Holidays

As the battle rages on about how to designate the "special" day or days of the coming season, the true authority, as always has and always will, prevails. We, the people, are so petty and combative. We strive to win the argument in an effort to further our cause. We protect with all our strength the values that we hold dear. I have been guilty of this time and time again and I rarely succeed. I am convinced now that my words mean nothing to the opposition and do little more to strengthen the cause behind which I stand. My words... I am not very good with words on my own. I often need to check the dictionary and thesaurus when writing (I should probably hold my tongue more often.)

I'll learn eventually.

Until then, though, I will rely on those more intelligent that I....

Yesterday, I was at the gym, working off the turkey on the treadmill as I watched football on the TV above. A commercial was playing for a retailer that was telling of the great deals offered for "Holiday Trees". I am indeed one of the obnoxious people who get mad at that and insist on calling them "Christmas Trees" and told myself I wasn't in the market for a "holiday" tree and that I would shop elsewhere. I realize how silly that sounds as it is just another example of my combative bent.

I remembered at that moment something I was taught years ago in a Sunday School class. The teacher gave us the real definition for the word, "Holiday". It is based on the words, "Holy Day". The word, "Holy" is defined as "that which is set aside for God or consecrated for God". Thus, the word 'Holiday" means "a day set aside and isolation for the worship and communion with God, the Creator". Technically, the word "Holiday" renders at least as much, if not more holiness and God-center than the alternate word, "Christmas".

Thank you, ACLU, Freedom From Religion group, and all of your minions for reminding us (and requiring us to speak in kind) of the Holiness of the Creator and the birth of His Son whom we celebrate during this season.

Happy Holidays and may God Bless You in this, His season.